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Continuing Education

Watkins provides a variety of continuing education programs for all of our industry partners.  Each month Watkins hosts an AIA Continuing Education Program that is AIA accredited for Architects in the Omaha area.  Watkins also hosts a variety of Hardscape Educational Series throughout the year.

Information on upcoming educational events can be found on our Watkins Pro – Education page.

Media Resources

Don Harvey, Jr. P.E. – Atkinson-Noland & Associates
Program Description: There are some masonry designs and details that help projects go more smoothly and perform better, and, of course, there are some details that masons think about during target practice at the firing range. This presentation will touch on some of the most common detailing and design snags in modern masonry and provide guidance on how to design masonry structures that are durable, beautiful, and constructible. The presentation will also highlight a few very recent changes to masonry codes and standards that could have a significant impact on your design.
Presentation was sponsored by the Nebraska Concrete Masonry Association on September 18, 2015.