Project Spotlight – Private Residence


Project Overview:

This outdoor makeover, completed by CM’s A Cut Above, turned a once-tired patio space into a one of a kind outdoor experience.  Featuring multiple seating areas, water feature, and fresh landscaping; this homeowner’s backyard is now the envy of the neighborhood.

Products Used:

  • Walls – Highland Stone Mocha with Moonlight Caps
  • Steps – Highland Stone (Mocha)
  • Pavers –
    • Charleston (Mahogany)
    • Charleston Circle Kit (Mahogany)

Contractors/Designers/Architects Involved:

Hardscape – CM’s A Cut Above

Project Start/Completion Dates:

March 2015 – May 2015

Photo Gallery: Click Here

Product Spotlight – Hinkley Hardy Island Spot Light


Company Overview – Hinkley:

Hinkley Lighting has transformed from a small outdoor lantern company to a global brand intent on bringing the best in style, quality and value. LIFE AGLOW, That’s Hinkley Lighting’s mantra. Let our products become part of your family’s everyday life, illuminating small moments and big occasions with stylish, state-of-the-art lighting.

Product Uses:

  • The only spot light you will ever need. This fully customizable LED spot light allows you to up light trees, houses, pergolas, sculptures, the list goes on.
  • Hardy Island™ – This heavy duty solid cast brass collection is a striking collaboration of form and function. Named for the ruggedly beautiful island off the coast of British Columbia that bears its name, hardy island™ is designed to withstand the harshest environments in style. Hardy island™ offers fully enclosed lamps, features a weathered brass finish that will mature naturally over time and is backed by an extended warranty.

How to Use:

  • Fully customizable, this light allows you to interchange between different Watt and Kelvin Temperature lamps. You can also change the beam spread in a matter of seconds out in the field.  No need to unwire the fixture to make changes.

DIY or Professional Use:

  • Both

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Project Spotlight – Private Residence, Linden Estates


Project Overview:

Located in the Linden Estates neighborhood of Omaha, this Grace Custom Home features some of the best products that Watkins has to offer.  From the beautiful brick and stone exterior, to the luxurious backyard retreat, this home is truly a getaway in its own.

Products Used:

  • Brick – Cherokee Ole Savannah Tumbled
  • Stone – EW Woods Blend Snapped
  • Pavers –
    • Belgard Urbana (aspen blend)
    • Belgard Mega Arbel (Brittany beige)
  • Pool Coping – Custom Cut EW Gold Coping
  • Steps – Custom Cut EW Gold Steps

Contractors/Designers/Architects Involved:

  • Home – Grace Custom Homes
  • Hardscape – Indigenous Landscaping

Location: Linden Estates – Omaha, NE

Photo Gallery: Click Here

Product Spotlight – Thin Brick


Thin Brick (Glen-Gery, General Shale, Eldorado)

Product Uses:
Anywhere you can dream it, back splashes, interior /exterior fireplaces, interior/exterior walls, bars, wine cellars, ceilings, exterior facing for homes, mailboxes.
Commercial or residential, interior or exterior, kitchens, basements, accent walls, fireplaces, ceilings.
Its ageless appeal can be a defining element when building plans or other factors may not permit the use of standard brick masonry.

How to Use:
Mortar can be used for both interior and exterior applications on masonry/concrete and also on wood/steel stud framing where moisture is not a concern.
Adhesive application (interior only) used for interior walls, kitchens, fireplaces and distinctive design elements like backsplashes, installers can use adhesive applications with either masonry/concrete backing or wood/steel stud framing.

DIY or Professional Use:
Both – Tile setters and mason contractors or with just a little knowledge of thin brick even a DIY’er can do this.

Project Spotlight – Private Residence, Gretna, NE


Project Overview:

This was one of the projects featured in the 2015 Watkins Ultimate Backyard Challenge. It features a nice blend of hardscape and softscape into one unique space. The pergola adds some dimension to this outdoor space giving the illusion of an outdoor room. The paver banding detail helps define the different spaces within the patio.

Products Used:

  • Highland Stone Freestanding Walls, Fire Pit, and Pillars (Mocha)
  • Belgard Urbana Pavers (Aspen Blend & Ashbury Haze)
  • Aux Vases Natural Stone Cap
  • Natural Stone Steps

Contractors/Designers/Architects Involved:

  • Elkhorn Lawn Care

Location: Gretna, NE

Photo Gallery: Click Here

Product Spotlight – Nature’s Ice Melt


Nature’s Ice Melt – 50 lb. bag

Item Code – 57573

Product Uses:

  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Walkways
  • Entryways
  • Parking Lots
  • Steps

How to Use:

  • Remove excess loose snow, slush, and ice from surface.
  • Apply with a small spreader or by hand.
  • Apply evenly over the surface.
  • Remove slush once ice has melted.
  • Effective to 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

DIY or Professional Use:

  • Both DIY and Professional


Project Spotlight – Private Residence, Bellevue, NE


Products Used:

The brick and natural stone for this house:

  • Earthworks Tumbled Stone Thin Veneer (Harvest Mix)
  • Cherokee ES Thin Brick (Riverstown)
  • Earthworks Custom Cut Sills and profiled window surround (Aux Vases)

The hardscape materials for this house:

  • Belgard Mega Arbel (Aspen Blend)
  • Belgard Mega Stone (Brookstone Slate)
  • Belgard Urbana (Ashbusy Haze)
  • Belgard Mega Lafitt (Brittany Beige)
  • Belgard Weston Stone (Brittany Beige)
  • Belgard Mega Bergerac (Brittany Beige)
  • Belgard Charleston Tumbled (Cambry Tan)
  • Earthworks Custom Cut Sills and Caps (Aux Vases)
  • Pine Hall Old Towne Pavers

Contractors/Designers/Architects Involved:

  • Dick Lind – Builder
  • Indigenous Landscaping – Hardscape Installer
  • Simonson Masonry – Mason

Location: Bellevue, NE

Photo Gallery: Click Here

Contractor Open House


December 7th, 2016  | 10am-3pm

Join us at our location, 144th & Giles Road, on Wednesday, December 7th from 10am-3pm for our Contractor Open House. Topics for the event include:

  • Vertica Pro Stone Cut Virtual Joint
  • New Tango Block
  • Back to Back Highland Stone Free Standing Wall
  • New Hinkley Landscape Lighting

We hope to see you then!