Project Spotlight – Private Residence, Gretna, NE


Project Overview:

This was one of the projects featured in the 2015 Watkins Ultimate Backyard Challenge. It features a nice blend of hardscape and softscape into one unique space. The pergola adds some dimension to this outdoor space giving the illusion of an outdoor room. The paver banding detail helps define the different spaces within the patio.

Products Used:

  • Highland Stone Freestanding Walls, Fire Pit, and Pillars (Mocha)
  • Belgard Urbana Pavers (Aspen Blend & Ashbury Haze)
  • Aux Vases Natural Stone Cap
  • Natural Stone Steps

Contractors/Designers/Architects Involved:

  • Elkhorn Lawn Care

Location: Gretna, NE

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Product Spotlight – Nature’s Ice Melt


Nature’s Ice Melt – 50 lb. bag

Item Code – 57573

Product Uses:

  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Walkways
  • Entryways
  • Parking Lots
  • Steps

How to Use:

  • Remove excess loose snow, slush, and ice from surface.
  • Apply with a small spreader or by hand.
  • Apply evenly over the surface.
  • Remove slush once ice has melted.
  • Effective to 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

DIY or Professional Use:

  • Both DIY and Professional


Project Spotlight – Private Residence, Bellevue, NE


Products Used:

The brick and natural stone for this house:

  • Earthworks Tumbled Stone Thin Veneer (Harvest Mix)
  • Cherokee ES Thin Brick (Riverstown)
  • Earthworks Custom Cut Sills and profiled window surround (Aux Vases)

The hardscape materials for this house:

  • Belgard Mega Arbel (Aspen Blend)
  • Belgard Mega Stone (Brookstone Slate)
  • Belgard Urbana (Ashbusy Haze)
  • Belgard Mega Lafitt (Brittany Beige)
  • Belgard Weston Stone (Brittany Beige)
  • Belgard Mega Bergerac (Brittany Beige)
  • Belgard Charleston Tumbled (Cambry Tan)
  • Earthworks Custom Cut Sills and Caps (Aux Vases)
  • Pine Hall Old Towne Pavers

Contractors/Designers/Architects Involved:

  • Dick Lind – Builder
  • Indigenous Landscaping – Hardscape Installer
  • Simonson Masonry – Mason

Location: Bellevue, NE

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Contractor Open House


December 7th, 2016  | 10am-3pm

Join us at our location, 144th & Giles Road, on Wednesday, December 7th from 10am-3pm for our Contractor Open House. Topics for the event include:

  • Vertica Pro Stone Cut Virtual Joint
  • New Tango Block
  • Back to Back Highland Stone Free Standing Wall
  • New Hinkley Landscape Lighting

We hope to see you then!

Project Spotlight – Private Residence, Omaha, NE


Products Used:

  • Belgard – Lafitt Rustic Slab (aspen blend)
  • Anchor – Highland Stone (adobe)
  • Earthworks – Aux Vases Pier Caps
  • Belgard – Landings Step Unit (moonlight)
  • Semco – Black Hills Supreme Flagstone
  • Belgard – Charleston Tumbled (charcoal)
  • Belgard – Bullnose Coping (charcoal)

Contractors/Designers/Architects Involved:

  • Kloos Kutters – Installer

Location: Omaha, NE

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Product Spotlight – Saltguard


Product Uses:
PROSOCO Saltguard® is a general-purpose silane/siloxane water repellent and chloride screen for concrete and masonry, including concrete block, and clay and concrete brick surfaces. Saltguard® protects horizontal and vertical surfaces from moisture intrusion and chemical attack of chloride salts, reducing rebar corrosion and surface spalling.


  • Non film forming
  • Deep denetration
  • Breathable – does not trap moisture
  • Low odor

DIY or Professional Use:

Product Spec Sheet

Project Spotlight – Brick & Natural Stone Old World Charm


Products Used:

  • Earthworks Aux Vases Snapped Dimensional Full Veneer Stone
  • Front Stoop Aux Vases Buff Custom Cut Stone Pavers
  • Cherokee Shellman Bluff Modular Brick & Brick Special Shapes
  • Anchor Vertica Pro Straight Mocha
  • Driveway – Cloud Ceramics Clay Pavers

Contractors/Designers/Architects Involved:

  • Designer – D3 Interiors
  • Mason – Masonry Builders, Inc.
  • Hardscape – Linhart Construction

Location: Omaha, NE

Photo Gallery: Click Here

Product Spotlight – Highland Stone Fire Pit Kit



Retail Price – $650.00 for 15″ tall and $750.00 for 21″ tall

Product Uses:
Highland Stone Fire Pit Kits are available in 6 different colors, 2 different height options, and can be square or round. The following items are included in the kit: blocks, pre-cut caps, and 12 gauge metal ring insert.

How to Use:
Install directly onto a level concrete surface or compacted aggregate base.

DIY or Professional Use:

Product Spotlight – Mag-Lok Tool Kit


Product Name:
Mag-Lok Tool Kit
Product Number: 610000
Product Uses:
With over 60 different tool head options, mag-lok tools can be used in any situation. A full lifetime warranty gives you peace of mind and Watkins is offering the Mag-Lok 9 piece kit for just $149.95.

How to Use:
Mag-Lok tools are easy to use for even the novice user. The patented Mag-Lok connector allows you to easily interchange tool heads to any Mag-Lok handle.

DIY or Professional Use: Great for Professional & DIY Users