Product Spotlight – Thin Brick


Thin Brick (Glen-Gery, General Shale, Eldorado)

Product Uses:
Anywhere you can dream it, back splashes, interior /exterior fireplaces, interior/exterior walls, bars, wine cellars, ceilings, exterior facing for homes, mailboxes.
Commercial or residential, interior or exterior, kitchens, basements, accent walls, fireplaces, ceilings.
Its ageless appeal can be a defining element when building plans or other factors may not permit the use of standard brick masonry.

How to Use:
Mortar can be used for both interior and exterior applications on masonry/concrete and also on wood/steel stud framing where moisture is not a concern.
Adhesive application (interior only) used for interior walls, kitchens, fireplaces and distinctive design elements like backsplashes, installers can use adhesive applications with either masonry/concrete backing or wood/steel stud framing.

DIY or Professional Use:
Both – Tile setters and mason contractors or with just a little knowledge of thin brick even a DIY’er can do this.