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Watkins and JEM Restoration Team Up on 2015 Caniglia Field Project

UNO 216The UNO Athletic Department opened Caniglia Field for soccer action in 2013.  The conversion from a football stadium to a soccer stadium propelled it to one of the best on-campus soccer-specific stadiums in the country.  UNO’s commitment to making it a state-of-the-art facility continued this summer as they recently completed a remodel project that consisted of new ADA ramps, a water proof deck coating, expansion joints, hand rails, and new seats and bleachers.

UNO 208Dean Neesen, owner of JEM Restoration, tasked Watkins with finding product partners for the project that was under a very strict time line of only 30 working days and required extensive testing.  Watkins partnered with BASF and WillSeal to meet the project demands.  Working with BASF and WillSeal, JEM Restoration installed a new BASF water proof deck coating and WillSeal expansion joints.  The 30,000 Sq. Ft. project was completed on time and ready for the opening contest of 2015 on August 15.