NAU® is where Natural meets Urban: the timeless appeal of aged-look surfaces and settings thrilling to a metropolitan heartbeat. A collection in which every detail – scratches, planing marks, signs of wear and tear and traces of the craftsman’s hand – has been carefully studied in order to create unique strips able to bring a genuine touch to any setting, steeped in history and bursting with new emotions. Surfaces marked by the passage of time, yet destined to last forever thanks to the inalterable nature of Mirage porcelain stoneware.



Pavers are a great option for any patio application. Pavers come in a wide array of colors, shapes and sizes, permitting you to create design schemes that complement your home and landscape. Pavers can be configured into any shape to accommodate backyard space restrictions.

Pool Deck

The perfect choice for a pool deck, these pavers provide a durable, slip resistant surface for your next project.


Stairs can be designed with flowing curves or straight lines and put the finishing touch to a wall or walkway that features elevation changes. These products offer the perfect solution for your next step application.


These pavers are the perfect solution to create a sidewalk with greater curb appeal and require minimal maintenance. Pavers give you the versatility to form walkways with gentle curved configurations and make them any width you desire.


Pattern A

Pattern B

Pattern C

Pattern D


Product: Square
Manufacturer: Mirage®
Dimensions: 23.54″ x 23.54″ x ¾”

Product: Rectangle
Manufacturer: Mirage®
Dimensions: 7.80″ x 47.17″ x ¾”


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