April 2016

Spring Cleaning Sale

spring-cleaning-graphicWatkins is cleaning the yard to make room for new product. Take advantage of steep discounts on concrete masonry units and colored architectural units. Sizes, quantities and color vary. Prices vary from $0.50 to $5.50 per item. First come first serve. All sales are final.

Date: April 27 – April 29

Sale Items

12x8x16 – Standard seconds: Qty. 3666     $0.50
8x8x16 – Standard seconds: Qty. 21558   $0.50
12x8x16 – Rockface 3 SCORE Single RKD DRY: Qty. 926    $0.50
8x8x16 – Half Style Single Concave     $0.50
8x8x16 – Standard 12% Recycled Content: Qty. 2340    $0.50
12x8x16 – Standard 12% Recycled Content: Qty. 1365    $0.50
12x8x16 – Standard Rockface Mocha, Charcoal, Wheat     $5.00
8x8x16 – Standard Rockface Putty, Wheat, Cream, Charcoal     $5.00
8x8x16 – Standard Rockface Return Corner Putty, Wheat, Cream Mocha     $5.50
4x8x16 – Standard Rockface Return Corner Putty     $4.50
4x8x16 – Rockface Cored Tile Red, Cream, Mocha     $4.00
8x8x16 – Standard (Smooth Face) Charcoal, Mocha, Wheat, Cream, Putty     $5.50
12x8x16 – Rockface Bond Beam Wheat     $5.00
8x8x16 – Rockface Knockout Bond Beam Mocha, Charcoal, Wheat, Cream     $5.00
8x8x16 – Rockface Bond Beam Wheat, Charcoal     $5.00
8x8x16 – Bond Beam Wheat, Mocha     $5.00
8x8x16 – Knockout Bond Beam Wheat     $5.00
4x8x16 – Rockface Solid Single Score Wheat     $4.00
4x8x16 – Rockface Solid Cream     $4.00
8x8x8 – Rockface 1/2 Single Corner/Sash Cream, Putty (these are slugs that need to be split)     $5.00
Vertica Beveled 4″ Cap- COLORS= Sahara, Granite, Adobe, Chestnut, Rustic Blend  $1

*While supplies last

Contractors – Sign up for UBC 2016!

Omaha and surrounding area contractors; it’s time to think about signing up for our Ultimate Backyard Challenge!  This year we’re celebrating our 10th year of doing UBC, and to better celebrate we’re offering bigger perks and prizes like never offered before…

  • 10% OFF Product (up to $5,000.00!)
  • Professional Photography, Editing, and Drone Aerial Videography
  • Shared Watkins Advertising and Online Social Media Promotions
    We’ll feature your backyard project in various advertising and marketing campaigns through the year!
  • UBC Banquet in November 2016.

Sign Up Today!